Reaching The Pinnacle

Having an attitude of gratitude and humility is the foundation for life. Understanding where your gifts come from and use what you have to grow and help others. You take it with you, but you can leave it here.

This site will open a window into the thought processing of my world, it allows for growth and self-development designed to increase one’s mental power to create habits and beliefs for one to be the best they can be and develop their personal brand.

Freeing and opening your mind is the key for discovering your greatest talents and skills whilst increasing your mental power.

Our experiences provide you with new tools to think clearly and strategically in order to manage your thoughts and emotions and engage your mind to create the life you want.

So, my hope is that you find inspiration and can dig deep into your mentality, attitude and psyche to build on the person that you are and continue to develop, learn and grow.


Sharing Is Key

Sharing is key to progress and success, and though I have shared a great deal over time through some of my work and advocacy. I now continue that sharing excellence theme through engaging and partnering with others on like-minded projects as well as writing and commenting on matters of importance and excellence within the community. This new site will illuminate my vision through writing and objective commentary and creative storytelling.

Life Seeds

They say we all have a book in us, fictional or non-fictional there are numerous stories that we all can recall and tell. My life experiences and those of others have provided the backdrop for ‘Life Seeds’.

Life Seeds is a medley of experiences which have been presented by using poems, short stories, statements, and developed scenarios.

Hey England! we are here, we are home.

Hey England! We are here, we are home. Striving for a better life, England was their choice. Answering the call of the ‘Mother Country’ to a cold, damp and dark island, As British subjects they arrived, jobs, money, stability, ‘we might go home in five’ But soon...

Dealing with loss

Dealing with loss

Our Loss For someone, somewhere today the sorrow and the sadness seems too much to bear, your nearest and dearest is no longer there. The memories flood in of how it used to be, your smile, the simple things you used to do and say and do that were just simply you....

Life Seeds 1

Just Say NO

The art of saying NO! I sit here in the car dealership waiting for my car to be looked at. Whilst in the waiting area with other customers sipping my coffee a father enters with his son who looks to be approximately 3 or 4 years old. The young boy looks full, of...

Life Seeds 2

The Life Seeds – Finding the leader in you

Finding the leader in you Who is a leader? This is this kind of person born this way with certain attributes that determine that they will be able to dominate other people with their style and demeanour?  Who leads you? Who is your guide? If you believe in God will...

Life Seeds 3

The Life Seeds – An anthology of experiences

Preface Every page in this book is in a day in the life of you, me or someone we may know. The Seeds of Life has thought provoking elements that will stir the cognitive processes in your mind. You will search deeply to find, understand, or relate to the piece that...


This Blog is designed for speaking up and talking out loud about current issues that impact our community and those around us. This section contains pieces which are my take on topics that affect us all.

Police Reform or Remain as Norm

The Metropolitan Police has been making the headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. It appears to be cyclical, every few years we hear of issues.

The Cost of Living & Credit Crisis

The Bank of England monetary committee which is led by Andrew Bailey, are about to announce whether they have voted to increase interest rates for the 13th consecutive time.

The Jury is out for Diane Abbott

After the recent uproar regarding Diane Abbott, and her redacted comments comparing different impacts around Race and antisemitism.

The Beauty of Lovers Rock

Back in the late 70s and 80s a new sound of reggae music was born. It was our very own music genre called Lovers Rock. This new sound was created

Wellbeing with Derek Williams

Hi, my name is Derek Williams. I am a former heavyweight boxing champion and the creator of ‘The Champion Mindset’ programme

The Next General Election

Many people regularly choose not to vote, as they say the politicians are all the same, or that it makes no difference who is at the helm.

Windrush – Leaders of a Generation

It was the British Nationality Act 1948 that led to Britain becoming the home for our parents. The UK had reached out to the West Indies.

The call for Black kidney donors

Much work still needs to be done to address the gap between ethnic minority communities who are willing to donate and those in need of a transplant.

Harry and Meghan

The hate for Meghan and Harry

Masses of interest in the Meghan and Harry documentary, where the couple talk of their experiences, and also the recent release of Harry’s book, Spare.

The Conservative party re-starting

The Conservative Party starting again

Many political leaders who have ambitions to become prime minister of this country, or any country for that matter must want to make a mark, and leave an indelible one otherwise...


Some handpicked events are listed here, designed specifically for the discerning individual who likes to be informed of uplifting, entertaining and important happenings.
Black Business Week

UK Black Business Week

The Black Business Show is a platform created to inspire and connect black business owners and have professionals working in various industries. Black business week provides a fantastic opportunity for black people to not just showcase their talents and business, but to mingle and network with people that look like them and share the belief in the archetype show model.

Black History Month

Black History Month

The Black History Month was first celebrated in October 1987 and is now an integral part of the UK calendar, with schools and corporations all embracing the importance of recognising Black Britons and their contribution.