Hey England! we are here, we are home.

Hey England! We are here, we are home.

Striving for a better life, England was their choice.

Answering the call of the ‘Mother Country’ to a cold, damp and dark island,

As British subjects they arrived, jobs, money, stability, ‘we might go home in five’

But soon some had to fight to stay alive.

Information from the authorities about where to go, and how to navigate the

Country was provided, but for some our residency was derided.

The jobs that were frowned upon by many locals and looked upon with disdain,

Were the jobs that many from the Caribbean were keen to maintain.

The buses, the trains, the factories and the hospitals in the main, would be the catalyst for

Many who committed their lives to the same.

Britain now the home, we should be free to roam, but no! – Resentment, and hate,

As it was said we over populate, at too high a rate.

No dogs, No Blacks, No Irish adorned many windows, in many streets,

But yet determination, steely focus, and great fortitude,

Ensured that they gave themselves a chance to survive,

Again, they had to fight to stay alive.

In June 2023 we celebrate 75 years since the first Windrush ship sailed to these shores

Assimilation and integration should be the staple salutation,

But yet, work is still to be done, to ensure full acceptance, and to reaffirm that the UK is our

Rightful and legal accommodation.

By Peter Todd

All Rights Reserved

The Windrush Scandal – Not forgotten


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