Black History Month

Event Name: Black History Month

Event Location: Various

Date: October 2022

Black History Month

UK Black History Month

The Black History Month was first celebrated in October 1987 and is now an integral part of the UK calendar, with schools and corporations all embracing the importance of recognising Black Britons and their contribution. There are many platforms offering interesting pieces, commentary and event listings all designed to provide a wide variety of spaces and places where you can learn, hear of appreciate someone or something new about Black Britain.

The idea of Black History Month has been criticised by people that suggest that every month should have education based on the contribution of Black Britain and hence campaigns have be set up to ensure that such education is introduced into schools’ curriculum.

The Month

Black History Month begins on the 1st October Week 2022, and we will see a variety of events designed to meet the needs of the target audience, with talks, workshops, networking and more. The month will feature some key and prominent figures. I am sure there will be something for everyone.

Prepare for a great month!

More information

Check out the Black History Month website for full listings, where you can find an array of interesting events.

More Info: Event Website


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