The Life Seeds – An anthology of experiences


Every page in this book is in a day in the life of you, me or someone we may know.

The Seeds of Life has thought provoking elements that will stir the cognitive processes in your mind. You will search deeply to find, understand, or relate to the piece that you read.

Life Seeds 3

Hopefully a day or a page in this online book series or writings can prick your conscience and lead to more positive actions from you in your life. Our mind-sets are in fact quite delicate and we need to handle and develop it carefully and positively, as we as individuals need to be first and foremost in control of our lives as far as possible. Information, education and knowledge are crucial factors for potential success in any given field.

This online book is a catalyst for change, an agent that will seek to facilitate the structuring of solid relationships not only for our personal gain but for the holistic benefit of us all, including the next generation. 

You may thinking that you have heard these mutterings somewhere before, but my response would be, well you have not heard or read pieces like these from me until now.

So read with an open mind, and allow firstly the debate in your own mind and then with others.

Life Seeds is a medley of experiences which have been presented by using poems, short stories, statements, observations, and developed scenarios.

When will you reach your pinnacle?

I hope you enjoy.


Peter Todd


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