The hate for Meghan and Harry

So what is going on? Masses of interest in the Meghan and Harry documentary, where the couple talk of their experiences, and also the recent release of Harry’s book, Spare. Vitriol from highly charged people that say they do not care about them, and are not interested in hearing their story, but still yet, they appear to be keen on spreading hateful comments. Why?

Harry and Meghan

The media never allows a real debate to take place…


This looks like kamikaze behaviour and friendly fire on behalf of some of the mainstream media; it could do more damage than you think. The war of words surrounding Harry and Meghan is taking place across all forms of media like never before. The media never allows a real debate to take place, with their eye catching headlines, and superficial detail, but it simply fuels fires with no method of putting them out. This can spread far and wide, which clearly is the aim, and polarises opposing opinions, making many individuals extremely angry. Social media then kicks in causing, and stirring up vicious and intimidating behaviours, in their attempt to win superficial and temporary arguments, whilst they wait for the next hate filled issue to jump on.

With so much dissension and venom around the topic of Harry and Meghan, YouGov recently commissioned a poll to ascertain current feeling towards the couple which positioned only Prince Andrew as a less popular figure than the Duke and Duchess.

Well-known names, and so called celebrities are now using their followers as fodder and fuel for their own egos, this is dangerous when it contains hate filled bile and nasty comments.

Piers Morgan has frequently promoted his dislike for Meghan, initially using his former platform on Good Morning ITV to vent his personal view on matters concerning the couple. I remember an interview with the Father of Meghan, a man appearing to look bereft, lost and sorrowful. He spoke about the lack of contact with his daughter. There was an interview with Meghan’s half-sister, which also appeared to lend weight to the idea that Meghan was, and is not the affable and caring person that her poise, presence, actions and demeanour would tell us she is.


‘You will achieve wholesale hatred’  

What were these interviews attempting to achieve? Combine this mainstream media depiction and attacks, multiply them by the number of tweets and messages sent that are disparaging and you will achieve wholesale hatred for a mixed heritage woman who has married the Grandson of the longest reigning Monarch in history. And if these attacks were not enough Jeremy Clarkson decides to join the ‘hate party’ and spews out the most venomous statement to prove how much he is intoxicated by hatred towards Meghan.

The continuous onslaught of negative news about Harry and Meghan, is an ongoing attempt to genuinely uncover something truly despicable and render them hateful figures and pariahs.

But, those who feel it know it, and have told their stories to show it.

What is the motive? Latent racism, or underline racism? Clear and obvious for those who have had the experience and recognise it.  It is difficult for others who have never had to suffer the trauma of its impacts, and are not from a minority or marginalised background to identify and back up with clarity, if individuals are not using the noticeable words or phrases to make this claim obvious. But bias, both conscious and unconscious can lead to similar outcomes and conclusions of racism.

Language around race and difference are being used perniciously in my opinion, to garner a feeling of dislike, and serve to lessen support for individuals that aim to explain and educate around the impact of racial discrimination in particular.



Harry and Meghan

Time to wake up

The use of the word ‘woke’ has been used more commonly in recent years, meaning that people are becoming more socially and culturally aware of societal issues. However it has been adapted and stretched to become a word associated with people on the left politically, who present challenge, and argument against inequality. It is here that the attempt is to place extremely negative connotations with the many people who support the idea of Harry and Meghan telling their stories through a series of documentaries, and Harry’s book, ‘Spare’.

In conclusion, many have said they are fed up, yet they still report every modicum of information they can obtain about the couple. Why do you still attack when you know the reasons why the couple have moved away? Why do you not choose to accept the account of their lived experience? – Why do you spin information negatively? What outcome do you wish for?

It is quite simple, there are two sides to any story – let us hear both please.

Maybe, and it does appear as though, that fairness and equality is not really the preferred option here, but the specific formula that consists of (callous ignorance + impropriety) x (racist behaviours + bias) is being used to halt the Duke and Duchess.



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    Great piece Pete. You hit the nail on the head.

    You should send it to Harry and Meghan at!


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